Friday, November 27, 2009

WLUW gets noticed in Youngstown, Ohio

From The Vindicator:

Gospel singer Emmitt Nevels Jr., a Youngstown native, has released his debut CD, “Love You I.”

Nevels is an accomplished songwriter who has penned many songs for his famous siblings, the Nevels Sisters gospel quartet.

His new album has caught the ear of gospel-radio programmers in several markets, who have added Nevels’ music to their rotation.

The up-tempo praise single “I Wanna Bless You” is getting airplay in Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo and Jacksonville, Fla. The jazz-styled tracks “Eternity” and “It’s A Good Day” may soon find their way on the playlists of smooth inspirational jazz shows.

Bob Marovich of WLUW in Chicago, a gospel music historian, describes “Love You I” (7-Places Global Gospel) as “a simple melodic love song to the Savior. It’s fresh, modern, crisp and electric, a blend of Christian pop and contemporary gospel.”

“I just write from my heart,” said Nevels who penned every song on his freshman album except “You Are Great” (Ishmael Hale).

Nevels’ songwriting credits also include “Company,” “Alright” and the Billboard Top 30 single “Clap Your Hands,” all of which have been recorded by the Nevels Sisters.

Nevels shares executive producing credits for “Love You I” with Dr. Clyde Maxwell. Nevels and Maxwell are co-owners of 7-Places record label.

Nevels lives in Canfield with his wife, Kacie, and their two daughters. He and his wife are the owners of Coney Island hot dog shop at 3640 Belmont Ave. in Liberty.

Nevels performed in August at the DeYor Performing Arts Centre in Youngstown, but said no additional shows are scheduled in the area.

“I probably will not be doing anything here until next year, as far as singing,” said Nevels. “I am currently promoting the CD in different states and cities.”

Nevels previously sang lead for local group G-Clef. In the ’90s, he was asked to join the Grammy-award-winning gospel group Commissioned, when Fred Hammond left the band.

“When I was approached by Mitchell Jones of Commissioned, I was floored at this great opportunity,” said Nevels. “I was in school and working heavily with my church, so I did not take the offer.”

“Love You I” is available at Best Buy stores and online at and